Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kyle had a fun project in school, he had to write a story. Full on rough draft, final draft, pictures, construction paper cover, kind of story. As most of you know, Kevin and I LOVE to read and write. So when Kyle sat down to do this, I sat to help him but Kevin was doing the dishes and was trying to put in his two cents also. I put an end to that! I was the one helping him! So we flushed out a story, and since it had a monster in it I had him create it again in one of his games called "Spore". He printed it out. Then he had to read his story to his class. We went to go listen to it and he did a GREAT job! Very clear, showed off his pictures and he looked very proud. I had a nice warm fuzzy!!

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Rachel and Todd said...

He looks like such a big boy! How old is he now? Would he let you put his story on the blog? I'm interested in reading it.