Friday, September 18, 2009

Apple Days 9/12/09

Last weekend was Apple Days here in River Heights, UT. It's really a cute day, fun for the family. There was a kids bike race at 1:30, then a bike parade at 3:30 followed by the FULL SCALE parade at 4. Kyle had been at a sleepover the night before so he slept through participating in the kids things, but we got out to the street in time for the big parade. It was fun! A fire truck, the Mountain Crest Marching Band, floats, USU cheerleaders and "Big Blue", candy being thrown by everyone, the Hyrum City Royalty, Providence Royalty, Nibley Royalty... but wait.. where is the River Heights Royalty??!!! Oh yeah, they painted faces at the "fair" portion of the day so they didn't have to sit on a float in a formal and wave to people they didn't know! There was a lip sync contest and Kevin and I both thought that the kids who lip sync'd They Might Be Giants deserved to win. They were awesome! THe big attractions for our family though were the inflatable slide, which Jessica and I went down a few times, and the climbing wall. Kevin scaled it once... I swear the man is a spider! Kyle went up it at least 3 times. He did sooo good!! He was about 2 hand holds away from the top of the 2 story climbing tower. So after a day of playing and fun... we went home and hit the sack. Stay tuned for more news from the Shanley clan!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day - Bear Lake!

So whenever there is a 3 day weekend, I wait for Kevin to say something that he wants to do since I spend all week figuring things out do to with the kids. And since he makes decisions all the time at work, he wants someone else to make the decision and waits for me to say what we are going to to. Thusly... we don't do anything since we are both waiting for the other to say what we are doing!

Today, we had breakfast at McDonald's as per Kevin's request. And then at about noon, as I was inside in the air conditioning, watching Kevin weed around the strawberries, after mowing the lawn, feeling guilty that I wasn't out helping him but not inclined to ... I hit upon an idea... Let's go to Bear Lake!