Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So Christmas has come and gone. It exploded in our front room. Enjoyed by everyone, and continually picked up by Kevin and me. Jessica got a lot of Polly Pockets, which I find everywhere, just like Kyle's Legos. So as such I have the same attitude toward them.... pick them up! But if a piece gets sucked into the vaccum, too bad! Kyle got some transformers, Bionicles, and of course we all got a LOT of candy. I'm not looking at the scale to see how much weight all of that lucious candy has put on me (not much happily) and our Christmas Eve tradition of decorating sugar cookies stocked us up in even more yumminess. So Merry Christmas to all, and have a happy New Year!! See you in 2010!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Shanley’s Twelve Months of ‘09
(please sing to the 12 Days of Christmas)

On the first month of this year
The Shanley clan did say
“A new year! Let’s all shout hooray!”

On the second month of this year
Our church put on a play
Cinderella for three days!
And a new year to celebrate.

On the third month of this year
Kevin’s ankle got a sprain
Indoor soccer was to blame.
I rehearsed my lines
And January was just fine.

On the fourth month of this year
We sat outside to catch
Kyle playing soccer
Kevin needs a walker
Lauren learns her staging
And a new year that is amazing!

On the fifth month of this year
I met a celebrity
Kyle’s got the ball
Kevin can’t play
Lauren’s doing great,
And a new year that simply is great!

On the sixth month of this year
Jessica turned four
Dresses, cake, and parties
Kyle gets a goal
Kevin’s leg is sore
EEK! Costumes to sew!
And a whole New Year to go!

On the seventh month of this year
In operas Lauren sang
Carmen was the fun-est
Jessica wants presents
Kyle’s getting cold
Kevin can’t run
Lauren’s running late
And a new year, isn’t it great!

On the eighth month of this year
Our big tomatoes grew
Yum! Homemade spaghetti
Lauren sings sopran-ee
Jessica’s big party
Kyle kicks the ball
Kevin has a brace
Lauren must rehearse
A new year (crap, what’s the next verse?)

On the ninth month of this year
Bear Lake on Labor Day!
Plus our city party
Produce from our garden
Singing songs from Carmen
Jess plays her new CDs
Kyle guards the goal
Kevin’s ankle roll
I’m in one more play
And the New Year comes our way!

On the tenth month of this year
Kyle got Baptized
A holiday of villains
At the Lake we’re chillin’
2nd grade was started
Lauren sings her heart out
Presents for our Jessie
Kyle’s kind of done
The other team won
I’m a good fairy
And it’s only January!

On the eleventh month of this year
To CA we did go
Thanksgiving with my siblings
Kyle’s CTR ring
Climbing at the park and
Eating from our garden
Lauren’s shows are playing
Kyle kicked the ball
Kevin hit the wall
Lauren did a play
Nothing happened in January

On the twelfth month of this year
Kevin got his big MS!!
Yay! He graduated
Turkey’s over-rated
Kyle now is baptized
Get the kids sanitized
Please no more tomatoes!
Lauren’s singing her notes
Jessica has plenty
Kyle played with friends
Kevin’s on the mend
Lauren sure had fun
And a Happy New Year to everyone!

WHEW! Love you all and please stay in touch!