Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aaaaaaand.....We're Back!

After a short disruption to our regularly scheduled updates (okay so it was about 7 months!) we are back to show you all the wonderful highlights that our family goes through. To bring you up to date on stuff.. no i didn't lose any weight from boot camp. I'm going to try again as soon as jess starts Preschool in Sept. Around Easter we dog-sat Grandma & Grandpa's little dochaund "Shilo". She was very cute, but kept peeing on my carpet and solidified that fact that I DON"T WANT A DOG! Happily Kevin agreed with me! Sadly he didn't agree to buy me new carpet. A girl's gotta try!

Summertime brought an insane schedule on my part. The Utah Festival Opera Company asked if I'd be interested in being in the chorus for two of their operas. So of course I calmly replied "Hell yes!" and then concentrated on getting Kevin to agree with me! After two weeks of not mentioning it and letting it just stew in his brain, he decided that I needed to be in the operas and committed himself to a summer of being a part time, single father. Can I say how much I love him! So I got to be in Carmen and Cavalleria Rusticana/ I Pagliaci which has been one of the best experiences!

Then in the middle of July, Kevin's niece Emily came and stayed with us for a week, which we loved! During that time we went to see the Harry Potter movie, and she came to both of my operas... so in one week she saw a person die three nights in a row! Aren't we the greatest! Then we all went to Lagoon. It was the first time taking the kids and they had the best time! Kyle was big enough to go on all the rides and he loved it! Jessica was happy with the kiddie rides and had a great time. I considered it a great success in that no one got fried in the sun!

Now school has started for Kyle. He is in the 2nd grade and his favorite thing is recess (of course!) Jessica will start preschool in September with Miss Patty again, who is one of the BEST preschool teacher's around! She actually was Kyle's preschool teacher in Washington, moved here a year before we did, and now gets Jessica. Can we say that I love this woman! We have also been growing a little garden in the big garden plot left from the last owners. We planted peas- that only produced one serving of peas then died, and beans- that produced about two dinners worth. We are waiting on corn, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Kevin and I have never seen corn grow. Sure the stalks, but the whole process.. it's rather interesting and just facinates Kevin. Our tomatoes are coming into season right now, and it looks like I'll be making lots of marinara and homemade salsa! I'm also going to be figuring out how to pickle all the cucumbers because it looks as if I'm going to be swimming in those too.