Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Shanley's!

It’s been a good year for us, and as you can see, we survived the snow in Logan. Now we are saying “Bring it on!” a little snow can’t stop us! We’ve had a great time being closer to the grand parents, and being able to see them more than once a year. We also had a great time killing a ¼ of our grass in the backyard this year, part of our on-going re-landscaping project. This next year I think I’m going to make Kevin put in a huge patio for me! He always needs a good project to keep him happy, and who am I to deny him?
We have realized that we are actually busy people, but you can always get a hold of us if you need us. Kevin is not only working full time as the Director of Online Education, but he has entered the Master’s Degree program here at USU. He plans on being done by next Christmas, next spring latest. He has been playing indoor soccer and is having a lot of fun with that. I have been teaching private voice and piano lessons. I have also become adjunct vocal faculty at USU, teaching students private lessons. I’m doing the mom thing and I love our kids, it’s pretty easy to find something to smile at every day with them. Kyle turned 7, and is in first grade. He likes school and is great at math, and reading. He loves to draw and it is fascinating the stories behind the pictures he makes! You can sit for 10 minutes to hear about 1 picture. He gets to draw one picture every day at school to go along with a sentence he writes above it. He loves to play with his friends and is just an all around happy kid. Jessica turned 3 this summer, and started preschool with Ms. Patty. She LOVES Ms. Patty, and her chickens. She chatters constantly and you really have to listen to keep up with what she is saying! She loves to play outside, or inside with her dollhouse and whatever game she can get you to play. She is the BEST at making a mess and we are constantly picking up after she has blown through a room.
We hope this past year was a good one for you, and that this coming one will be a treat! Have a happy holiday season and stay in touch! We love email and chat and always want to know what is going on in your life.

Top 5 favorite things this year…

Lauren’s Kevin’s
1. Teaching voice lessons at Utah State University 1. Promotion to Director of Online Education
2. Singing in the American Festival Chorus 2. Started playing indoor soccer
3. Potty training Jessica (okay this wasn’t a favorite, 3. Moved 9 yrs of woodchips into backyard
too messy, but no more diapers!) to re-landscape all that darn grass!
4. Going to Bryce Canyon 4. Went to scout camp
5. Can we say river rafting the Colorado River! 5. Started Master’s Degree

Kyle’s Jessica’s
1. Family reunion where he got to shoot a BB rifle! 1. Turning 3!
2. Trying Karate, Soccer, and T-ball 2. Starting preschool with Ms. Patty
3. Starting 1st grade 3. Playing with Kyle’s new toys
4. Playing Spore on the computer 4. Singing songs and playing mom’s piano
5. Going fishing 5. Playing at the park