Monday, June 23, 2008

Jessica's 3rd Birthday

So Jessica has OFFICIALLY turned 3! On her birthday (June 20) which was a Friday, we set up the kiddie pool, the slip and slide, and broke out water toys. Some of the neighborhood kids came over (most were Kyle's friends) and they all played for about 3 hours outside. I couldn't just sit and watch, so instead of getting wet, I sat and weeded part of the yard. Not very exciting, but it was a hoot to watch the kids! Jess got some beginner rollerskates, a trunk of dress up clothes, and a playdough set. Then we went down to SLC on Saturday to be pampered by the family! Grma & Grmpa Morris took us to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner (then we went to Fuddrucker's for the adults!), and Sunday we played at Liberty park for 4 hours with the Shanley's. We had a great picnic, fun at the playground, and I was the only one who got really burned. Ouch my shoulders!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's WARM!!!

After a freezing week it finally got warm! This has truly been the weirdest week for weather. Kevin was at Scout Camp up at Bear Lake all week, and while we just had hard rain, they had snow...sleet...rain and everything inbetween. Some boys even got 2" of water in their tent one night and one of the leaders drove to Montpilliard, ID (which is close to where they were) to put their sleeping bags in a dryer. Kevin handled the rain just fine, but he wasn't counting on the cold. He said that his feet were cold all week, even though he was wearing wool socks.

Well, we are happy that he is home, none the worse for wear! And now that it is warm, we are playing in the water and getting nice and tan! or in Kevin's case... freckled! He he he Love you hon!