Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

So I think that we are getting a hang of the snow! The snow banks on the side of the driveway make a nice sled run and Kyle figured out this year how to make a WATCH OUT! Jessica doesn't like her snow pants, but realizes that she is going to get cold and wet if she doesn't let me layer her up. I was having a fun time helping her and Kyle go down the sled run, whe Jess tried to climb back up the side. She didn't have on snow stuff and was having a hard time managing the snow so I stepped on top of the snow bank and helped her up. Well...the snow wasn't packed as much as I thought and my right leg sunk into the snow. And I mean COMPLETELY sunk, all the way up to my hip!

Friday, February 15, 2008


As you know, we love to play games. And with all of this lovely winter weather we have resurrected one that Kevin used to play called Clay-o-rama. Cheesy name, but fun. You build your monster, have missles to "shoot" and move around, stomp eachother and just have fun! There are rules, but I won't tell will just have to come over and play it! And since Kevin lost, Kyle and Jess ganged up on him!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You envy us, don't you!

Luckily this was not taken at our house. This photo is from the parking lot at USU. The snow banks at our house are up to my chest though, and as I was walking along the sidewalk taking Kyle to school today, I couldn't see my neighbor shoveling her driveway until we got to her driveway because the snow banks were so tall! We have a small sled run in our front yard, I had a blast making it! You have to test run it before the kids can go down...right?! I have a concession to make when it comes to snow - While you don't have to shovel rain, you can play in the snow - Some might not agree saying that you can play in the rain, but let me just say that intentionally getting wet for 20-30 minutes in the winter rain is not only cold and not very's just stupid!