Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the rest of the story...of July

So Kevin left on Sun-July 13 for a 5 day business trip to Las Vegas. I stayed home with the kids (again...remember scout camp?) and had a good time going to a friend's BBQ and having my parents visit for a day. We didn't think that we would be driving anywhere for the rest of the month, but there was a family reunion that we were invited to (and then guilted into) down in Escalante. That's in Southern Utah by Bryce Canyon. So we left Thursday (July 24) , camped until Saturday, and did the family thing. Kyle had a blast when a cousin let him shoot with a bebe rifle. The first time it bucked back at him and the scope hit him just above the eye, cutting it and bleeding like a river. He calmed down and tried again. He was a pretty good shot! Kevin & his dad fished, and I had a fun time when the cousins let me ride their ATV for a bit. Ah... freedom! Saturday morning was a small parade in Escalante with a tour of some family sites and the cemetary. Then went to Bryce Canyon and were promptly DRENCHED! It cleared up after dinner so we stayed in a motel, saw the canyon again Sunday morning and went home. We picked up Kevin's niece Emily on the way back so she is staying with us a few days which provides some much needed entertainment in our house! It was a fun family vacation and since we haven't had one in 2 years it was time. I can't wait for next month though... Kevin and I are going RIVER RAFTING!!! So tune in.. same super-time, same super-channel for the further adventures of The Super Shanley's! YEA!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

July...so far

So it has been a quiet month so far. The 4th of July was fun! My parents came up for the weekend, and we went to the fireworks program at Aggie Stadium. That was the BEST fireworks show I have seen in a long time! We weren't IN the stadium, they had a whole music program and everything, but we were on the lawn outside and got to see it all. Maybe next year we'll go inside. Let's see... in other news Jessica has now had her first bee sting. She handled it very well, and was only whimpering. But we were at Smith's Marketplace (Fred Meyer) in the garden section when she got stung, luckily there was a drink dispenser w/ ice inside by the bakery so I could ice it down. And now I know that she isn't allergic to bees! Other wise we have just been playing at the park and with friends. Now if someone could just turn the heat down it would be great!