Wednesday, January 2, 2008

!!! Happy New Year !!!

Because so much in our lives are simultaneously joyful and sad, pleasant and painful, hilarious and humbling, I give you my personal...

~ Top 10 Best/Worst of 2007 ~
1. Pacemaker replacement surgery
2. Moving to Logan
3. Kevin turned 35!
4. Kyle started school
5. Snow
6. Getting together with friends who have known us longer than we have known eachother
7. Being closer to family
8. Getting my Steinway grand piano
9. Moving to Logan

And the number 10 Best/Worst of 2007.....10. That the year 2007 is over!

~Merry Christmas~

We had a wonderful white Christmas, presents under the tree, and Santa made an appearance without the aid of a chimney. (Kyle was worried about this!) After a great Christmas Eve where we made cookies for Santa and played the night away, we had a fun morning ripping open presents! Jessica got a doll house and even though she opened the presents given to her, she only had eyes for her doll house. We went down to SLC to visit all the grandparents and cousins and stayed for two nights to avoid driving home in a snow storm. The biggest surprise was the gift from Granny Anne...a Wii !!! OMG! This has truly been a FABULOUS Christmas!