Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The blog's behind...sigh!

Oh my, it's been so long, so much has happened. I'm not sure where to start.

Well, for starters, we're moving. Yep, after a mere 5 years in Washington and the previous 6 years in California, we're finally returning to Utah. If you listen carefully you can hear the grandparents crying for joy! Now we will only be 100 miles away, which is totally reasonable for holiday's, birthdays and other family events. I'll be working at Utah State University as an Instructional Designer starting on Aug. 1.

Of course moving for a new jobs means selling our house and finding a new one. Luckily we had an offer on our house within a week of listing it. We're now under contract and are scheduled to be out sometime before July 27. We'll be spending next week looking for a house in UT. Wish us luck!

With the move pending, we're scrambling to visit with friends and get some summer recreation in. This past weekend we went camping at Fort Casey with our friend Ken and Awsumb Hardy. We all enjoyed hiking about the old fort, climgin on things and looking in caves. It was really fun, but a little sad. Who knows when we'll go camping together again. Check out the photos.

With so many friends who have asked to see us before we go, we're planning an open house/packing party for sometime in July. We'll keep you posted.