Sunday, May 27, 2007

May 2007

Kevin's Birthday!!! He is now 35. One of the guys we go to church with just turned 35 two weeks before Kevin, he was telling us how he was freaking out about how much older he is getting, and things that he hasn't done...blah blah blah. Yes, Kevin had a mental list of things he wanted to do by the age of 30, then 35, and while he has done most of them...there are a couple that are being pushed, yes, to 40. But he also realized that he has a lot of things that other guys his age aren't lucky to have. Which of course just gave me tons of warm fuzzies! His birthday was fun, we had a few friends over, barbecued some burgers and I made him a Super Shanley cake. Kevin blew the candles out in one mightly blow! (thus getting some wax on the frosting) and then Jessica decided to help us out by putting back the candles I had just taken out to cut the cake. What a month!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring activities

As Spring moves closer to summer, we are finding ourselves more time to play. We've taken time to go swimming at the local indoor pools and even try a little fishing. The swimming has been mostly successful. Both kids love to play in the water and they seem to float well. We just have to be sure and go to the pool with the shallow area.

Fishing has been a little more challenging. Not only have I realized that I haven't fished from the shore in years, but I've never really been responsible for tying the hooks and preparing the line. I think I'm getting the knots down, but I really have no idea what lures to use or even which bait is best. I guess it will be trial and error. Kyle has been excited to go fishing but loses interest after the first cast. He expects to catch a fish immediately. I'm hoping to do more fishing in the near future, maybe I'll even get some fishing toys for my upcomming b-day.