Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pests, Presents, Police...Oh MY!

K...so this has been a really weird week.
Pests - We inherited the previous owners' cat. I found their phone number and called them while Kevin tried to get every dog he saw to come and eat it. They said they wanted it back so I decided not to call the humane society. After a week and a half of this cat trying DESPERATELY to come in the house we met the owner's in SLC when we went to help my parents move, and transfered it to them. Much to our relief since I discovered that Kyle is allergic to cats. Kevin just hates them.

Presents - My parents moved in with my brother so I got my inheritance of her Steinway grand piano!!!! She got my upright. But getting them moved in and stuff transfered has been quite the ordeal. And since I was thinking so much about that...Kyle's party was kind of shuffled to the back of my mind. But we had it Monday the 29th. It went well, but the last 30-45 mins I was out of things for them to do. So I was like "go play!" at least it was warm outside so they could just be out. Kyle was SOOOO stoked about opening his presents!

Police - So as we are in SLC transfering the cat and helping my parents, we stay the night at Kevin's parents. His dad and stepmom are out of town camping. The next morning his step-sister drops by, chats for a second and then leaves. She comes back in to warn us that the neighbor has called the police (because no one should be there). It didn't help that we had a small U-Haul trailer hooked to the truck! So the cops come and check things out, want to call Kevin's dad, but since he is camping we don't know if you could even reach him. Although he probably would have said "Kevin who?" just to be funny.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Walk

So today I went as a chaperone on my first school field trip. We went to the "Pumpkin Walk". It was cute, a ton of displays using pumpkins, some moved! Jessica freaked out most of the time, she didn't like riding on the school bus. But she calmed down when I let her hold the camera....carefully. Otherwise I was basically holding her for over an hour. (Build those muscles!!) But the kids stuck with me and we even got a cookie. Pepperidge Farm cookie! MMmmmmm Coookie!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Okay, can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?! There is no breeze, and no one was around. I was inside making the kids lunch when I looked out the back and saw this. Weird.

Kyle did ten of his chores and got a "Date Night" with the parent of his choice. But he decided that we should go the the military airplane museum in Ogden. And he wanted the whole family to go. He had a good time, even though it was raining. Kevin thought that we would be able to climb into a few of the airplanes, but sadly it was not to be! The do not allow that anymore (if the did) but it was still a fun day. In other news I think that I got a picture of Jessica, well in "Natural Jess" mode.