Sunday, August 12, 2007

From fires to rainbows

After a lazy Sunday afternoon of lounging about, I decided I need some air. I was surprised when I stepped onto our porch and discovered that it had been raining. Even more surprising was the stunning double rainbow towering over our mountain view. Not wanting to enjoy the view alone, I attempted to return inside to gather the family. I had locked myself out. Ringing the doorbell was fruitless, since I knew everyone was in the basement. We don't have the code to the garage door yet, so I was left with taking a quick dash around the back yard to the basement door. Kyle was nice enough to let me in, then we all returned to the porch. We spent time watching lightning and counting the seconds until the thunder. After a particularly close and loud thunderclap, Kyle quickly retreated back to the basement and the comfort of his bean bag chair. Jessica just clung to Lauren with with knuckles.

I wonder what natural phenomenon we'll encounter next week.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Yesterday afternoon, Kyle came running upstairs claiming the TV just shut off. I thought he was crazy, so I sent him to get the mail. When he came back he was saying that he saw fire outside. Again, being the doubtful parent I went to check. Sure enough the mountain by our house was a blaze. It started out as 4 fires but soon merged into 2. Luckily the wind was pushing the fire uphill away from our sub division. Apparently the wind had knocked down some power lines starting the fire and causing a blackout for about 8,000 residents, us included. All the neighbors had come out and were watching together so we were able to meet them all. We had to cook dinner on our camp stove and dig through our boxes for candles. Things are relatively back to normal now.

The picture is from our porch, so you can see how close we were!

Time to unpack

It is done! After two weeks of packing, loading & driving we've finally moved to UT. We got the keys to our new house on Friday, but we didn't have any furniture until Tues. We thought it would be fun (and cheap) if we camped out in the basement. We had sleeping bags and air matresses, but by the 2nd night we were ready for our beds. We love our new house, although it's taking some time to figure out where we want to put everything. Our bedroom is smaller, so we have to find a place for an extra night stand, and we don't have a good spot for our antique mirror or rocking chair. We're also considering getting new appliances for the place. We should have phone, tv and internet connection today. We're feeling very disconnected from the world. Luckily I can get online at work!