Monday, March 19, 2007

What a week!

Whew! What a week. Supposedly I was on vacation, but it didn't feel like one.
For starters both kids got sick. They have fevers, vomiting, the works. It didn't last long, but it sure made for one disgusting night and then some mellow children for a few days.

Then Lauren had her pacemaker replaced on Tuesday. We've been anticipating this event for a few years now, and I must say it was a little anti-climactic. We spend most of the day in the hospital. The actual surgery only took about an hour, the rest of the time was spent in sitting in the room while they monitored her before and after. I wanted to get a picture of her with all the wires hooked up to her chest, but she didn't like the idea. It turn's out that the surgery is pretty minor. Lauren was awake the whole time discussing Jazz musicians with the doctors while they did the work. She was in good spirits and has recovered quickly, just some bruising and soreness.

My Mom flew up from UT to take care of us while Lauren was down. It was a quick visit, but we were glad she came. On Thurs. we took her and the kids to 3-2-1 Bounce where we were able to jump around a lot and beat each other up a bit. It was fun, but a little too much for the recently sick children.

To top it off, we decided we were allergic to Shilo (the dog). Both Kyle and I started getting some serious asthma. Once we housed him at a co-workers we both started doing better. It VERY sad not to have a dog anymore. It's also sad that we had to spend over $300 to learn that we were allergic. Sigh!

I suspect this next week will be a little more tame. (I hope).

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Spring is coming and Jessica's ready for race season!. The sun peeked out long enough to work in the yard and play outside. Can you believe that just 4 days ago we had 7 inches of snow? All that water left the grass too wet to play on. Fortunately, Jessica didn't waste anytime in putting on Kyle's helmet and jumping in his car. If only her feet could reach the pedals. Sigh.

Kyle and I spent most of the afternoon covering new found holes in our fence. Shilo (the dog) it turns out, is really good at finding his way out of the yard. So far he's done minimal digging. It should be more challenging now that all of the gaps are closed. Heheheh!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Snow Day

Surprise! It snowed again. This time we were buried with 7+ inches. It's very odd for this area, but didn't break any records. It was enough to close schools in the area and I didn't have to go in to work until 1pm. It gave me plenty of time to scrape the deck & driveway.

The kids loved it. We spent a few hours this morning playing in the snow and building various snow thingies. I tried for a snow robot, but it didn't work too well.

It's all melting fast and they're predicting we'll be back to mid-fifties in a few days. Personally, I can't wait until Spring!

New family member

It was inevtibale. I've been wanting to get a dog for a while now, actually ever since finishing the fence around the yard. Lauren was hesitant at first but she made a deal that once we didn't have a baby crawling on the floor she'd consider it. Jessica's been walking well for a month or two now so it was time.

On Sat. I took the kids to the local animal shelter. At first we were looking at a border collie mix named Freddy, but Kyle saw Shilo and wanted him instead. Shilo's a 3 yr. old Beagle who was left by his family because they were moving. Supposedly he was an outdoor only dog, but he seems to prefer indoors. We went back to the shelter on Sunday and had a chance to play with. Before long we were signing papers and BANG! we're dog owners.

We brought Shilo home on Tues. night. He's been adapting well, but doesn't like to be alone. We're trying to crate train him and keep him downstairs only. Nights have been tough, but I think eventually he'll adjust.